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Special interests in South Carolina are getting tax breaks and incentives while the real economic drivers in our state-independent businesses-are paying the tab. Taxes, fees, assessments, fines, bureaucracy and paperwork. It's bad enough at the state level, but independent businesses get tagged at the local level, too. It's time to stop policy makers from making independent business, the backbone of South Carolina's economy, pay for government waste and deals for special interests.

Fact Sheet (Feb. 2010)
County Tax Burdens on Local Business: Where Does Your County Rank?

Unleashing Capitalism: Chapter 4
When it Comes to Taxes in South Carolina: Focus on Remaining Competitive

Unleashing Capitalism: Chapter 5
Specific Tax Reforms to Increase Growth in South Carolina

Unleashing Capitalism: Chapter 7
South Carolina's Tax Incentives: Costly, Inefficient and Distorting

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